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About Us

Just Doggin' It was born, like most canine-oriented online stores, from a sheer love for my four-legged, furry and oh so loyal companions. That love translated into good nutrition and a variety of dog treats that were made of pure all organic ingredients.  Through my research on good nutrition and having a lot of veterinarian friends I learned about dog allergies, while not all are nutritionally based, at least 60% of canine allergies are food related*.

Here you will find simple foods, ALL organic, some grain free, some vegan but all baked and delivered from my passion for dogs and lots and lots of love.  

So the Just Doggin’ It Kitchen is a fun, crazy and even zany place to cook. I often have a few helpers in the kitchen but mostly the taste testing kind. We cook with all natural or organic ingredients and all of the products I use can be seen on this website.

I’m no Domestic Diva, but when it comes to baking for Just Doggin’ It dogs, I evolve into the Emeril Lagasse of Canine Culinary.


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